We believe in embodying the Greatest Commandment (Loving God…Mark 12:30-32) and the Great Commission (Serving Others…Matthew 28:19-20) through the biblical mandates of sharing the gospel, making disciples, and serving others.


Because we are a people who are motivated by God’s grace, transformed by God’s forgiveness, and empowered by God’s Spirit we believe in the following:

  • Winning people to Jesus Christ

  • Discipling them in faith

  • Helping those in need

  • Doing things for Christ that make for a better world

  • Creating a worship atmosphere

    Where people can come to meet God, to worship God and to be changed by God while being together

  • Growing in faith is a lifelong journey

  • Being extravagantly generous with life and love




Loves pets:  I have 3 dogs, 3 hamsters, a bearded dragon, a turtle, and a small fish aquarium

Favorite foods: Italian, Mexican, sweets…all sweets

I keep a toothbrush in my office, just in case

Have to have a fan going AT ALL TIMES

Like driving fast (once wanted to be a race car driver)

What makes me angry:  people who abuse power and try to lord it over those who have none

What makes me most happy:  spending time with my family

What makes me laugh the most:  my boys and my husband

More about Nancy

Pastor Nancy has been in ministry since she received her license to preach in 1989, including 19 years as an elder in full connection.  As an ordained minister, Nancy considers the following to be her calling and privilege:  proclaiming and interpreting the word of God specifically through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus; providing insights that are relevant to people; preaching sermons that are honest words for thinking people that inform nurture, and challenge; officiating in the celebration of the sacraments in a timely and enlightening manner; providing competent leadership in a congregation’s sense of identity and God’s mission in the world; assisting in sustaining people through predictable and unpredictable crisis; helping to guide people in the principles of Christian living.  For Nancy, ministry begins at home.  She feels if she cannot make a difference there, then what she does with her vocation holds little significance.  Ministry to humanity begins with her family.  Nancy and her husband, Steve have two children Cooper (9) and Eli (3).  Her three goals in life are to be an effective minister, a great wife, and an awesome mom!


Lavena Linhart

Director of Music and Fine Arts

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Mary E. Fitzgerald

Business Manager

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Candy Grasty

Director of Senior Adult Ministries

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Sharon Barnett

Executive Director Big, Little School

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Natalie Raskin

Natalie Raskin

Children and Youth Coordinator

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